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Share through email, link, or social network. Unlimited downloads. No wait times.


Store and share any file type. Share folders of project files. Easily email large files.


10GB for free. Up to 50GB free with bonuses. Store all your photos, audio, and videos.

We help teams collaborate securely and easily by protecting their data with end-to-end encryption.

Working with coworkers, customers and partners has never been simpler. With Ifile.pk, not only can you securely share files, you can also create, edit and review documents with others in real time from anywhere, on any device. From simplifying the way you manage your content to empowering global teams, Box helps you work smarter than ever before.

We encrypt everything to know nothing.

We create secure, zero-knowledge apps that empower people to take control of their data. Our end-to-end encryption protects information in the cloud from everyone, even from us.

We’re committed to protecting our users’ privacy. We believe that the right to privacy is fundamental in the digital world, both for individuals and businesses.

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Khuraam.com (RMS) offers free cloud storage up to 1 TB

Just signup with your email and use encrypted cloud storage, on signup, you will get 10 GB storage to save your photos, media, office files, edit office file , stream your favorite music with in iOS and android app on your phone, The space will be auto increases up to 1TB depending on your usage


Instructions for registration and using the app on android or on iOS app

click this link for registration https://ifile.pk/ and open registration, once open enter your valid email address as you will receive the code and activation link and click register, then you will receive an email ( if you can’t found in inbox, check your junk or spam folder) now enter the code or click on the link you receive in email, enter you desired user and password and click next.

For synchronization on you smart device, download NEXTCLOUD app from android or from apple store, once downloaded, open and enter this server address https://ifile.pk/ and click next, it wall ask your permission click on grant access and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1-I am receiving error "Server not found"

Make sure you installed the latest updated app  from apple app store or from google play store, copy the link correctly and past it (Https://) is must.

2- do my file are saved on the app

Yes. You’re all files are encrypted and no one have access but only for you, don’t share your user and password with anyone, our team will not ask your password for support.

3- do i need to pay to get the more space.

No, you don’t need to pay, storage limit is auto increases depending on your usage.

4- Do i need separate subscription for editing the files, pdf, excel, word.. etc

No, you can edit all office file without any subscription

If you receiving any error during activation the app, you can contact us at info@ifile.pk

Contact For Support

we are here to help you, drop us an email or create a ticket info@ifile.pk   Click for Support